Another Myth That Will Kill Your Brand: the Faux Funnel

Do you think your customer analyzes their purchase every time?

Nothing --nothing, really-- is more important than understanding how your customer makes a purchasing decision. It is the Number 1 thing we identify when we look at the 5 things that will make your advertising work better. Not understanding the decision drivers, the path to purchase and other such data is the quickest way to ruin a brand. 

If your product is purchased frequently, chances are your customer is not going to go through a traditional "funnel" every time. Seriously, do you think about your toothpaste or shampoo every time you buy? Of course not.

Those products are bought on a spiral basis: you need to buy a soft drink... then you buy a soft drink... until you get thirsty again... then you buy a soft drink.

Your strategy needs to be one of interruption: interrupt the decision-making and have your customer try your product.

There are plenty of ways. Contact us for more.

What if your customer's decision is really infrequent? Like changing kitchen tiles, or buying a car, or buying a CRM?

Then the decision changes a lot and, again, the traditional funnel does not describe the path to purchase well enough to allow you to make better decisions


Let's take a quick look at one path to such purchase 👇

1️⃣ Need: Man! This kitchen looks outdated. We need to change the tiles

2️⃣ Inform: So what do I need to know? What kids of tiles are there? What design and colors do I like? What retailers are there near me? How much is installation?

3️⃣ Purposeful Exploration: OK, I now know what design and colors we want. I need to contact all the retailers and see about pricing, installations and other factors. What other factors should I consider? Reliability for sure. Installation time? Do they have the tiles I like on stock?

4️⃣ Decision: I have my short list, made a decision, we’re going with these guys