World-class tactical help for your ad agency

Welcome to the new era of on-demand world-class fractional talent. World-class talent for when your agency needs tactical, short-term help.

Got a really big pitch coming up and need some help?

I have led literally hundreds of new business pitches around the world, resulting in over $400 million won in new business for FCB and McCann-Erickson. Our help can save you dozens of employee-hours and improve your odds of success.

For new-business pitches we can include:

  • Research that tells your story
  • Presentation template
  • Work with your team to create the winning story
  • Write the entire deck + revisions
  • Practice sessions

Need help shoring up a large client until your new hire comes in?

Draw from the expertise acquired from top-level management positions in some of the world's largest agencies like McCann-Erickson, Foote Cone & Belding and DMB&B and from having worked with some of the most iconic brands there are.

We'll create a customized package which can include:

  • A detailed strategic plan and roadmap for your client
  • Customer insights based on social media analysis and formal quantitative research
  • Media, event and/or sponsorship negotiation and activation
  • Specifically for retail clients, POS & Sales analysis, projections, statistical correlations
  • Training your team

Huge ROI: Let your "A" team focus on your existing clients

The ROI of talent outsourcing is immediate: you save time, resources, as well as tear and wear of your "A" team while maintaining normal agency operations.

The Iffective team can bring in additional talent that ranges from social media sentiment analysis, to really complex analytics and business intelligence.

Fractional Marketing & Advertising Agency Expertise

AOR Wins



  • Colgate planning (Mexico) ($20mm)
  • Bimbo (Mexico) ($30mm)
  • SCJ ($50mm)
  • Nabisco ($25 mm)
  • Bristol-Myers/Squibb ($25 mm) AOR
  • Polar (CEDESA) AOR
  • Beiersdorf ($12mm) AOR
  • Nike (Mexico) ($2 - $3mm)
  • Levi’s in Mexico ($2 - $3mm)
  • MasterCard (Pan Regional, Latin America) ‚Äč($6 - $10mm)
  • Embraer (International) ($10-$12mm)

Bundled, Unbundled, Created, Merged and Acquired...


  • TN Media Puerto Rico
  • TN Media Venezuela
  • TN Media Mexico
  • TN Media Chile
  • Massive (Colombia)
  • MBS Media + FCB London (Became Brand Connections) (UK)
  • InitiativeFCB Colombia
  • InitiativeFCB Chile
  • InitiativeFCB Venezuela
  • InitiativeFCB Hong Kong
  • InitiativeFCB Dominican Republic
  • InitiativeFCB Peru
  • InitiativeFCB Mexico
  • Merged separate media departments into single units in France, Germany
  • Spun off media department in Italy

Let your "A" Team focus on your business and the Fractional "A" Team help you land the new one. Let's connect