Does Iffective have a process?

 A lot of people have asked… “do you have a process?” 


🟩 Of course we have a process, no one gets to the top of one of the largest ad agencies in the world and not have a process.

🟩 But, it’s a process, not a straitjacket and certainly not a bunch of neat little circular arrows that most clients will never do.

🟩 The process we use doesn’t even have a name. It’s a direct descendant of two different strategic planning methodologies that I developed for Foote Cone & Belding

🟩 The first one was “Media Yield Management” and it signaled that we would take a very active role in strategizing, planning, negotiating, buying and post analyzing media.

🟩 The second one grew from MYM and was called TOE –Theory of Everything (my personal homage to physics, a discipline that I admire tremendously).

This is what the process looks like

It only looks complicated. Actually, it is super-realistic in terms of the information that is readily available and needed as well as the time and effort that it takes to complete all the steps

In a nutshell:

✅ It’s a continuum

✅ Tested in dozens of countries and with dozens of brands

✅ A process… not a straightjacket

✅ Comprehensive

Deep tracks: if you'd like more details


✅ This process is 100% customized to your needs. There is no sense in trying to force your company, your objectives and your needs into someone's stylized version of what "marketing" "should be". 

✅ The continuum begins with grounding the mission on your objectives then moves to doing a lot of research to complete the marketing plan (the understand part). This research will include whatever you have on hand (1st party data), desk research and if needed a customer survey.

✅ Reach and Persuade go hand in hand. Under reach we examine the best way to reach your different targets. These could include not only segments of current customers, but might also include ex-customers, referral targets and more. Persuade obviously involves all the different messages that we will build. However, the two are intricately bound together as the choice of a media channel will affect the messaging and some messaging ideas might affect the media channels.

✅ We can implement the plan or you can implement the plan. The different documents we generate are detailed enough that an outside agency or your own team will be able to execute them.

✅ Finally, we conduct a large amount of post-campaign analysis including G4 Analytics, but also any other KPIs that we have defined going in.

If having a highly-tested, successful, customized process sound good to you, let's connect