Strategic Audit: A cost-efficient second opinion that can save you thousands in time and money

Is this going to work?


Save time, money and effort by getting an expert second opinion. 

Our Strategic Audit is the perfect product for when you're doing it on your own.

We meet with you (or your staff) in person or remote, go through the plan and ask the tough questions. We review:


✅ Strategic assumptions

✅ Consumer insights

✅ Market & Category research that you might have

✅ Our own market & category research

✅ Channel & Media strategy

✅ Messaging strategy

✅ Other distribution channels

✅ Any other documentation you used in your strategy

We work with your team in brainstorming sessions to see if there are any hidden or forgotten actions we can take to improve revenues or profits. Then wrap it up in a single, comprehensive, actionable report.

Cost: $2,750 and includes 1 follow up consulting sessions