Iffective's Simple Guide to What's What

To be successful you need to identify and prioritize goals, strategy and action

Some people think that SEO (or influencers, or radio...) is a "strategy". Let's be clear:

1️⃣ Your goals are where you'd like to be 👉 the more precise the better. "Growing sales by 17% in the next 12 months" beats "growing sales" by a long shot.

2️⃣ A strategy is a series of actions that you think will get you there. 👉 They don't all have to be communications-oriented. For example, "reducing retail price by 5% while increasing distribution 15%" is a strategy. But so is "reaching 85% of potential buyers with at least 7 messages over the next 3 months"

3️⃣ Tactics are actions you take to move the strategy forward.👉 For example, you might hire influencers to add credibility to a new product, or reduce costs in part of the market as an A/B test to measure price sensitivity

🤙 Call me up, it's easier than it looks when you have over 40 years of very successful expertise in branding, digital and direct