Harvard to Influencers: Let's work together

The beginning of hopefully many more studies, all of them focused on one of Marketing's key mantras: "Speak the language of your audience"


While I don't agree with the results 👉 It had worked, they announced. The 42 influencers who received Harvard’s talking points were 3 percent more likely to post content on the core themes researchers had fed them. Although that may seem like a small effect, Dr. Motta said, each influencer had such a large audience that the additional content was viewed 800,000 👈 because that's about $8,000 worth of media, it is commendable that they did do a study, it was controlled, they tracked it and will now be able to improve it.


It is also great to see that real academics, instead of complaining about social media, are trying to find ways for social media to do good.


You can see the article for free here: 👉 Article 👈