Threads... or the failure of having no product advantage

When Threads launched, millions joined. Not because they liked Threads, but because they disliked X. A beautiful lesson in failure

This is what happens when a totally bullshit product hits the market and is hyped only because a bunch of people irrationally hate another bullshit product. There is just no diplomatic way to put it.

Threads had absolutely NO advantage or superiority to X. None. But... millions joined because of a totally irrational dislike of X (formerly known as Twitter) which was not that great prior to Musk buying it.

Meta can easily afford the loss. It is a great example of "if you are going to fail, fail fast" which is the mantra of so many startups. And Meta should be congratulated for still acting like a startup.

You. However. You don't have that kind of money, so let this be a great lesson... if you are going to launch a product, don't be stupid about it, research your target buyers, understand the drivers for each segment, and then launch something with some real advantages. And I'm not being a LinkedIn Monday-morning quarterback, I've launched dozens of iconic products.