3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Intuit's New Walled Garden

Avoid the obvious cliché and consider Intuit's audience in a brand new light 💡

Financial services giant Intuit is launching a small business-focused media network, letting advertisers target customers across the web. 

The venture, called SMB MediaLabs, will let advertisers target the customers of accounting firm QuickBooks on a range of digital media properties, including audio, online publishers, social platforms like Meta, and connected TV.

Intuit is working with Vizio as its exclusive CTV partner. QuickBooks had 7.1 million customers at the end of the fiscal year 2022.

The obvious cliché? Sellers of financial services targeting Intuit's QuickBook users. Duh.

Three reasons why you should consider 🤔 this specific audience:

1️⃣ Test your creative in a controlled environment

2️⃣ A sophisticated business audience

3️⃣ 7.1 million people is nothing to sneeze at

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