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Even if you are not spending $406,092+ in a pitch... why it makes sense to give me a call for your next one

The Case for Outsourcing 👉💡

1️⃣ You spend a huge amount of time, money & resources

2️⃣ Your "A Team" can't service your clients while they pitch

3️⃣ If there's an RFP, writing an RFP is an art by itself

4️⃣ If you don't win, there's a lot of emotional wear & tear

Have you been invited to a new-business pitch that is a bit larger than your usual one?

Or been invited to a pitch but your "A Team" is so busy that they literally have no time for it?

Read this from Adweek first, then give me a call:

Marketing and agency executives know that running or participating in agency reviews is costly. A single review’s collective expenses—in severe cases reaching $1.2 million—might surprise even the most tenured leaders.

Agencies feel financial pressure too, especially incumbent agencies that choose to defend the business, spending an average of $406,092. This expense reveals why 25% of agencies decline to defend the business during reviews. Costs are lower, but not insignificant, for non-incumbent agencies. They spend an average of $204,461 to pitch.

At Foote Cone & Belding alone, I led pitches that generated $385,000,000 in new business.

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