Advertising Works!

Fairlife Milk - the big upsell

My wife had been complaining that milk as the local Publix was going bad after only a couple of days.

We saw the spot somewhere (Food Network?) about Fairlife Milk and how it lasted longer than regular milk, but it was regular milk and tastes like regular milk.

We decided to try it and the rest is history.

So now we pay $1 more per bottle.

Black Box Wine - The big downsell

Black Box was even better.

I don't even drink that much wine. But we saw the spot (again, Food Network?) and it totally convinced me to try it.

And the rest, too, is history: we now pay $4 - $5 less per bottle.

We used to put it in a carafe when friends came over, now I don't even care. It's damned good.

So, the lessons:

In both cases, the advertising that worked had three things in common:

  • It invited us to try it (we didn't know the brand at all!)
  • It was relevant to our immediate needs or wants
  • It talked directly about product benefits... no fuzzy wuzzy brand-sy crap