Would your law firm benefit from hiring a top fractional CMO?

If you are doing even one of these 3 things, yes, you will benefit from hiring a top fractional Chief Marketing Office:

1️⃣ You don't have a clearly articulated and measurable growth plan in place

2️⃣ All your budgets are not pointing to the same goal

3️⃣ You are taking marketing and advertising decisions by yourself


How I believe I can help you:

✅ Unique combination of branding and direct response expertiseI'✅ 40+ very successful years of experience in all aspects of marketing & advertising

✅ Absolutely willing to consider a hybrid compensation structure based on success

✅ I'll create the plan, optimize your budgets, improve your client acquisition and train your team to make razor-sharp decisions

Intrigued? Let's speak. No pressure. No sleazy anything. No time limit. No fake "15-minute discovery call". Just an honest conversation about your business, your needs and your goals. If we are a good fit, I'll tell you, if we're not, I'll tell you too. So let's connect, you have nothing to lose.

Entirely optional, fill out this 10 minute survey and Ill be prepared for our meeting with a personalized evaluation

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