So... you want your ad to be among the "Top 20"?

There's only 3 lines to this post... they should make you shudder

There are 20 ads singled out in this AdWeek article as being "The Best of 2023".

1. Fiat has dismal sales in the U.S. 👉🤣🤣 In 2020, Fiat sales in the US decreased by 69.3% to 11,301 vehicles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, sales decreased by 83.5% to 2,057 vehicles. In 2018, Fiat sold 15,500 vehicles in the US 💩

2. Stella Artois - The campaign, which was created in partnership with Argentina’s Bellas Artes Museum and drew 7.28 million impressions by 6.7 million unique users 😒

3. Hilton Hotels - The video went viral and reached 16 million views within a week 😒