Is AI introducing the Fear Factor into Market Analysis?

What's with the 4% - 5% of market researchers that have NO opinion? 

From Insider Intelligence: 

Key stat: Most market researchers do not think AI will take over completely, according to SurveyMonkey. Some 38% of US market researchers think that AI will take over data visualization completely, but more people (46%) believe that AI will assist while humans remain in control.

Beyond the chart:

  • Market researchers are leveraging AI to automate complex quantitative analysis, process data, and create visuals.

  • OpenAI’s new Code Interpreter feature for ChatGPT Plus users can analyze data and produce visualizations based on provided data sets.

  • Despite data safety concerns, “OpenAI says it’s working to ensure that Code Interpreter functions in a safe manner and that its ability to generate code doesn’t lead to negative consequences,” our analyst Jacob Bourne said.

This Insider Intelligence chart caught my eye not so much because I think that the 50% - 58% of market researchers who think AI will assist but not take over are pretty much wrong, but because 4% - 5% have NO opinion.

If you are a market researcher, how can you not have an opinion on the one technology that has taken the world by storm?

Excuse us, but the way we interpret this is "fear"... the very normal fear of losing your job and even your relevance.

Our Take

AI will not "take over" but human interaction will be razor thin in 5 years. Here's how we visualize this happening:

  • Right now, AI can be used to analyze massive amounts of data including not only finding correlations, but also cleaning the data
  • As researchers use AI more frequently to find correlations between massive amounts of data, AI itself will point the way to data sets that might not have been considered before.
  • At some point, AI will be guiding the direction of research, with people translating the findings into actionable market insights

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