Creativity = Solid Business Practice

Real Men Don't Care About Design...

I still remember an Epson printers salesman telling me this in Best Buy when I told him I would not buy an Epson because it was ugly. I bought the Canon.

Creativity is a touchy subject any time so-called professionals talk about it. In platforms like LinkedIn you read crap like:

  • Agencies that win creative awards don't make money
  • The value of creativity "can't be quantified"
  • You can't really measure results when you speak about creativiy

Naturally, it's all BS.

Good creative is the only thing that moves the needle and yes, you can track what creativity adds to the movement of that needle.


In "Making the Business Case for Creativity", Kyle O'Brien cites four companies and how creativity moved the needle. UpWork, Tinder, Ocean Spray, and Vital Farms all saw results directly correlated to their creative messaging.

In UpWork's case:  In the six months following the campaign’s launch in September 2022, unaided awareness grew more than 30%, with unaided awareness among large businesses increasing by more than 140%. From the third to fourth quarters of 2022, ad recall jumped 45% among large businesses, with 58% growth in top-of-mind awareness

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